Duck Flying Robots is a webcomic by Mike Harwitz

Note: You are welcome to reprint occasional comics almost anywhere on the web or off, as long as you are. It outright merchandising.  The one requirement is to make sure to attribute the comic to updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Who are you?

I’m an NYU Tisch School of the Arts Graduate with a BFA in cinematography.  My post-graduation career was as a software and database architect and software developer, which was initially supposed to be a temporary situation until I was settled enough to pursue film making.  Life is often full of surprises.  

What else do you do?

Before the world shut down I traveled quite a bit.  I design and make 3D sculpture puzzles, and enjoy doodling constantly.  Somehow, for most of my life I did not consider spending time improving my doodling skills.  I’m working on it now, slowly and sporadically.   I’ve written and illustrated several children’s picture books, which I self-published when I lived in China.  On the list of things to do is to publish my books in other countries.  From time to time I may update this to be more detailed, if there is ever significant interest in this web comic. 

What is or are duck flying robots?

Duck Flying Robots is a children’s book I have written, and not yet published.  Perhaps I will post it as a webcomic on this site, or at some point print as a finished picture book. When either of those things happen, I will update this section accordingly.

Why start this site?

I was worried that I might be pestering friends by periodically sending them my unsolicited doodles.  It seemed more prudent to post them on the internet, then if people want to see them they can, and I don’t have to worry about getting on anyone’s nerves.  Also, it’s fun to think about the possibility of strangers enjoying my work enough to want to seek it out.

What if I like something you made so much that I wants to print it or include it on my blog?

If you have a not-for-profit publication, you don’t need any permission — just print them with attribution to You can post Duck Flying Robots in your blog (whether ad-supported or not) with no need to get my permission.